Trail damage from December storm Windfall

Storms of December, 2018 accompanied by damaging winds have impacted, even devastated, sections of the VI Trail.  One windfall made a direct hit on an aluminum bridge over a back-channel of China Creek – images below. As weather conditions and time allows, volunteers are assessing and clearing windfalls from the trail.  So far, it appears that windfall damage is most serious between Port Alberni and Cowichan Lake, in particular along the Alberni Inlet Trail.  Windfall is not at all serious in and around Cumberland and the Comox Valley. If you are out hiking along the Trail and encounter windfall (or any other damage – erosion, litter), please note where it is (either a good description or by GPS waypoints) and send an e-mail to    This will allow us to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

January 20, 2019