Port Alberni Log Train Trail

Old rail grade with rails and ties removed, resulting in a gravel path and short sections of local roads, through second growth forest and small farms.

Footpath, cycle, equestrian

The Trail

The Log Train Trail is accessed from Highway 4 via Maebelle and Mozart Roads.  It is wide and well-graded, following the gravel surface of an old rail grade, with short sections of local roads.  The VI Trail uses/follows only the first 7.5 km of the Log Trail Trail, which continues an additional 17 km to Woolsey Road (off Somers Rd.).


One of several creek crossings with bridge in place.


Much of the trail has great footing for horses and bikes.

The tracks and ties were long ago removed from the old rail grade, leaving a single- to double-track trail, gently sloping apart from short, steep slopes at gully crossings.  The first water crossing is at the at 1 km mark; a side trail leads to Cold Creek Waterfalls about 500 m upstream.


Gravel roads along the route.

There are multiple maintained culvert and bridge crossings of streams along the trail.

Port Alberni is the only supply point accessible from the trail.  The LTT is not suited to camping, as it passes through private forest lands and small farms.  Nor are there dedicated picnic spots along the trail.  The small seasonal creeks that cross the trail are not recommended for drinking without treatment.  There is good cell phone coverage the entire length of the trail.


Trail is wide and suitable for hikers, equestrians, and bike traffic.


First water crossing is of Cold Creek.



At km 2.4 the trail crosses a gravel road and beneath hydro lines.


Trail – power lines crossing at 2.4 km

At the 3.7 km mark the trail intersects with the Horne Lake Trail.  Here the trail crosses private property and it is not obvious that it continues – this at the intersection with Tahlen Rd.  Follow Tahlen Rd and then take Desmond Rd to get back onto the trail.  Roadside signage guides you back onto the LTT.

At about 7.5 km near the McLean Mill National Historic Site, signs direct the hiker to the old sawmill (to the west) or to the route up to the Beauforts (to the east) – the continuation of the route of the VI Trail.









Driving Directions to and GPS Coordinates of the Trail Head

From Victoria head over the Malahat (Hwy 1) through Nanaimo, then north on Hwy 19 to Qualicum Beach. From Qualicum go west on  Highway  4 to Port Alberni.  As you enter the city limits of Port Alberni is a Tourist Info Centre. Stay right on Highway 4 at the Info Centre and turn right onto Maebelle Road.  Head north on Maebelle until it ends at the turn where Mozart Rd. begins; this intersection is the trail-head parking lot.


Intersection of Maebelle and Mozart roads at the trailhead


The parking area is a wide road shoulder near the trail-head where 10-15 cars can park.  The Log Train Trail entrance itself has no visible marking; just go around the yellow gate or to the trail at the street sign (Mozart x Maebelle) that is marked with a sign that reads: Alberni Valley Demonstration Forest. There are no potable water or washroom facilities at the parking area.


Parking areaparking-area-2

The McLean Mill National Historic Mill Site is another good access point to the trail and offers a large parking lot, suitable for horse trailers and bigger rigs.  Be aware that these gates are locked in the evening and make sure your car is not behind a locked gate when you return.



Endpoint of the Log Train Trail at Woolsey Road – trail is behind the yellow gate.

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As recorded by Markus Pirker

October 2017