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Greetings Trails Enthusiasts!

I am pleased to begin a monthly posting from the President of VISTA with a photo from the Vancouver Island Spine Trail. I am fortunate to have several hundred photos from the various events VISTA has hosted since 2010.

This photo is of my father Manfred (on the 2010 VI Spine Relay support crew) navigating the mud in Cape Scott Provincial Park on our way to Nissan Bight.

The 2010 VI Spine Relay began on a sunny Saturday morning in June on the northwest tip of Vancouver Island. We were treated to a tranquil 15 km hike through an old growth rain forest and along a corduroy road across a forested wetland toward the ocean. Many of the trails were constructed over 100 years ago by Danish settlers. A second group of hikers went in a day early so they could do a 20 km hike to the Cape Scott lighthouse. In total, 14 hikers camped at Nissen Bight on Saturday night. We were treated to a formidable sunset and views of the spectacular coast mountains on the mainland.