Strathcona Park Trails

The Vancouver Island Trail route across Strathcona Provincial Park utilizes existing Park trails (  These well-established, well-marked trails provide access to campgrounds at Mackenzie Lake, Kwai Lake and Circlet Lake.  Only hiking on foot is allowed (i.e. no bicycles or horses).

The route from the south starts on the western edge of the parking lot of the former Forbidden Plateau Ski-hill, and heads directly up the old, now grown-in main ski-run.  Just past the top of the ski-hill, you will enter Strathcona Provincial Park.  From here, the Forbidden Plateau Trail takes the hiker past a junction to the other main access trail that starts at the Mount Washington/Paradise Meadows trail-head, and onward to Circlet Lake.  From Circlet, take the Mt. Albert Edward Trail as far as the main ridge to Albert Edward but once on this ridge, the route diverges to the north to and past Mt. Jutland and continues along the open, rocky ridge to the north boundary of the Park.

For more detail on the approach to the Park, see Cumberland to Strathcona Park Boundary.

Here are GPS files in gpx format:   

  1. From Cumberland to the Comox Lake Dam


2.  From Comox Lake Dam (the BC Hydro Park at the outlet of the Lake, adjacent to the dam) to the former Forbidden Plateau Ski-hill (parking lot mentioned above) 


3.  Route across Strathcona Provincial Park


Total distance: 29784 m
Max elevation: 1827 m
Min elevation: 733 m
Total climbing: 2192 m
Total descent: -1374 m