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The Schoen section of the Vancouver Island Trail starts in Kokummi Pass.  From the height of land, the recently completed (2018) Kokummi Pass Trail heads northwest to hook up with logging roads in the Upper Schoen Creek valley.   The combination of 900-1000 metre elevation in the pass and avalanche tracks restrict winter travel through here, usually until mid or late May.  The route follows logging roads down the valley to near Schoen Lake where an old trail (some reported windfall needs to be cut out – fall, 2017) between the road and the lake leads to the Schoen Lake campsite in Schoen Lake Provincial Park – an excellent spot for an overnight stop.  Getting across the Davie River as it flows out of Schoen Lake requires caution – one either has to hop across a floating/usually grounded log jam (potentially dangerous) or wade across the river a short distance downstream.  VITA hopes to eventually build a bridge in this vicinity.

From the campsite, the route heads west down Davie Road as far as the Park boundary at Abel Creek.  From Abel Creek down-valley to Croman Lake, trails along the Davie River (East and West Davie) have been roughed-in (more clearing and trail marking needed).

The west Davie Trail intersects the Davie Road near its beginning.  From here, the route follows the recently re-built 3 km of Hoomak Main (recent logging adjacent) and then directly onto an old, grown-in logging railway grade to and alongside Hoomak Lake – passing just below the Hoomak rest-stop on the Island Highway.  Some brushing is needed to open up this old grade as far as the end of recently active railway a few km east of Woss at the start of the next section, the Englewood Rail Trail.

Here are some GPS files in gpx format: 

For the East Davie River Trail: Free Download

For the West Davie River Trail: Free Download