Port Hardy to Shushartie Water Route

Vispine logoThe Vancouver Island Trail utilizes a water route between Port Hardy and Shushartie Bay, as do most other users of the North Coast Trail.

Water taxi services are available to hire in Port Hardy (contact details to come).

The VI Trail hiker needs to decide whether to be taken by water taxi to Shushartie and hike westwards to Cape Scott or to be taken to the Cape Scott area and hike back to the east to Shushartie Bay.  If you end up in Cape Scott, you will have to hike out to the Cape Scott Trail trail-head on the San Josef River and arrange ground transport through Holberg back to Port Hardy.  If you end up at Shushartie, you can arrange to be picked up by the water taxi and returned to Port Hardy.  There are logging roads between Shushartie Bay and Port Hardy, so an alternative would be to arrange ground transportation (or hike) back to Port Hardy by road.

Building a coastal trail from Port Hardy to Shushartie Bay would be a difficult and expensive proposition because of its remoteness, dense vegetation and soft, low bearing-strength soils.  Consequently, this is a low priority for VISTA at this time.