Georgie Lake Gap (incomplete)

In the future, a coastal trail between Port Hardy and Shushartie Bay is a possibility.  However, this is a low priority for VITA at this time because of the anticipated difficulty and expense of building this section of trail.

However, if the water route/water taxi  is not acceptable to a VI Trail user, then hike via logging roads from Port Hardy via Georgie Lake most of the way to Shushartie Bay.  To get from the end of the logging roads to the Shushartie Bay estuary, follow a cleared, well-flagged trail shown in the GPS track below.  Then hike across the tidal flats at low tide to the North Coast Trail trailhead.

For the road route from Port Hardy to near Shushartie Bay – updated July 2021:  Free Download


For the Shushartie Bay access trail – updated July 2021:  Free Download