New logoCurrent Status of the VI Trail

Completed sections of the Trail, sections mostly in place apart from some minor gaps and incomplete marking, as well as the two main gaps in the Trail, are shown on the map below:


Map Legend


Current Status of the Vancouver Island Trail


Sections of the VI Trail

Click the links below for section descriptions and current status of various sections of the VI Trail, to download GPS tracks, and to view the GPS tracks of the available map options, the OCM-Landscape map is probably the most useful (it includes contours – quite detailed if you zoom in).

For more detail, take a look at the Guidebook and check out the Blog for recent updates.

To view a more detailed topographic base map (also capable of zooming in/out), see a map of the VI Trail in story map format –  right click on Story Map Format 

(you might have to select “Open link in new tab”)

You can choose either a topographic base-map or a satellite imagery base using the ‘Basemap’ tab (the other available options are not very useful).  You can then pan around the map and zoom in and out as desired.