Jacklin Road or Veteran Memorial Parkway to Humpback Reservoir Trailhead (4.3km)

Urban paved footpath and cycle route.

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The Trail

The Trans-Canada Trail/Great Trail and Spine Trail diverge from the Galloping Goose Trail at Veteran Memorial Parkway and continue along a common route all the way to the Town of Lake Cowichan.

This section of the route starts by following busy urban streets; the central section follows paved urban trails in green strips between urban developments; and the last section leaves the city behind as it traverses some linear parkland and a quiet rural roadway.  Signage along the route is now (Fall, 2017) complete and easy to spot and to follow – watch for 6 by 6-inch posts with names and directional arrows.  The signage is consistently for the “Great Trail”; in places it includes local names (e.g. “Hull’s Trail”); but, as yet it does NOT include any “VI Trail” signage.

After crossing over the Veteran Memorial Parkway, continue westwards along Kelly Road, using either the paved sidewalk or bike lane, to the intersection of Kelly Road and Jacklin Road.  Turn right (north) on Jacklin Road, using bike lanes if cycling.  If walking, it’s best to use the cross-walk across Jacklin at Kelly and walk northwards on the west side up Jacklin to Rex Road.  Both Kelly and Jacklin Roads are very busy urban thoroughfares, in stark contrast to the previous relatively quiet, mostly well-screened section of the Galloping Goose Trail.

From Jacklin Road, turn left onto Rex Road (Photo 1) for just a short block where you will see the entrance to Hull’s Trail (Photo 2).  Hull’s Trail is a paved trail through a ‘green strip’ between residential and light industrial/warehouse properties;


(1) Rex Road


(2)Hull’s Trail signage


there are even a few small fragments of native vegetation (second-growth forest) on a couple of the residential properties.  Hull’s Trail ends at Glen Lake Road (Photo 3) and you will follow Glen Lake Road for almost 200 metres to where you enter a paved trail through the grounds of Belmont Secondary School. The trail is first situated between the school buildings and the soccer fields that are at a lower level, before climbing a small hill with a remnant of forest on the left.


(3)Entrance to Glen Lake Road.

About 500 metres past the school, the trail switchbacks down to the West Shore Parkway.  Go left at the Parkway (use either the wide sidewalk or the bike lanes) and follow it for 250 metres to a marked crosswalk over the Parkway (Photo 4).


(4)West Shore Parkway Crossing

After crossing the Parkway, jog a short distance to the left and then go sharp right onto another paved trail section through a green-space and with new housing just upslope to your right.  The trail now passes through a linear park and pleasant forest that surrounds two small water reservoirs (with no swimming signs), terminating at Raven’s View Road.

Go right on Raven’s View uphill just a short distance to Irwin Road.  Turn left onto Irwin Road (very light traffic) and follow it to Humpback Road.  Jog left for a short distance on Humpback Road (Photo 5) and you will see a parking area, and some signage at the Humpback Trailhead of the recently opened (June 2017) Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail.

This trail is mostly paved or on city sidewalks, with some country road. There are no water crossings.   There are multiple shopping and restaurant options along the first part of this route, but no picnic tables.  This is an  urban trail, so there is no camping allowed.


(5)Humpback Road

Driving Directions to and GPS Coordinates of the Trail Head

100 m North of Jacklin Road/Sooke Road intersection, City of Langford, Greater Victoria.

48 26.16N 123 30.85W


There is no parking available close to this trail head. Parking lots, no shopping centers and local streets are posted “No Parking”.

GPS Coordinates and Photograph of ENDPOINT of TRAIL

48° 26.52 N 123° 33.50W

Other Web Links for info on this area:

Look  for RD link to progress on this part of trail

As Recorded by Stacey Jarvin and revised by Terry Lewis

April 2017/October 2017