Francis Lake to Nadira Main (3.4 km)

Undulating single track trail winding through second-growth, fern-laden forests with numerous creek crossings with metal logging company artifacts.

Hiking only

The Trail 

The trail starts just off of Francis Lake beach and follows the northeast side of the lake for the first 1.6 km. There are remains of several fallen trees due to winds that are periodically cut and cleared from the trail. There are some leftover items from  early logging days that are pretty interesting.  These are  located just past the south end of the lake. The trail is suitable for foot traffic only and is undulating.

There are two water crossings closer to Nadira Main. The first crossing you will need to cross the creek by choosing a path among the rocks in the creek that aren’t below water. The second crossing you can choose to pick your path over rocks, or walk across a fallen tree. The creek was fairly low during July, so crossing may be a bit more challenging during high water seasons.

There are only two access points to the trail, one at Francis Lake beach and the other at Nadira Main.  The trail is single track with a few steep hills closer to Nadira Main. There are lots of roots and sometimes the trail is hard to find because it is still a fairly fresh trail. Make sure to follow the orange markers, which are fairly easy to find.  There are no supply points on this trail.   Nearest supply points require driving into shops and services in Port Alberni or Lake Cowichan.

The beach at Francis Lake is a suitable picnic and camping spot. Swimming is possible at the lake. The beach is remote, so there is no running water or outhouses. There can be plenty of mosquitoes, so bring bug spray. The creek and Francis Lake are possible drinking sources with treatment.

There is no cell phone access for majority the drive to Francis Lake once on the gravel logging road as well as while on the trail.


Metal artifacts along trail  from logging operations above. Typical trail conditions below.

ds-trail-2 ds-trail-1


Creek crossings along trail.



As recorded by Denise Warwaruk June/2017