Call for new directors of VISTA

Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association (VISTA) is having its Annual General Meeting in July 2013 in Victoria.

We are searching for new members to be added to our Board of Directors to help us achieve our vision of constructing a 700km continuous, non-motorized trail from Cape Scott to Victoria. If you are interested, and willing to make a commitment of at least 5 hours per month for this pivotal project, please send your contact information and a brief resume to the email addresses below.

VISTA offers Directors free membership in the Association, coverage by directors’ liability insurance, an opportunity to contribute to a unique recreational facility spanning the entire length of Vancouver Island and a challenge to help us increase the impact of this vibrant organization!

For more information, please review our website at, in particular, the strategic plan:

VISTA’s is seeking Directors who are prepared to take on a specific volunteer function; we have about a dozen fields of activity. Please contact me if you wish to discuss the various roles that are envisioned for the 2013-14 Board of Directors. Since I am absent from Victoria during the month of June you may contact Andrew Pape-Salmon during that time.

There will be an election for Directors at the AGM. Thanks for your interest.

Gil Parker, Past President

Chair, Nominating Committee

Andrew Pape-Salmon, President