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From Victoria in the south to Cape Scott at the northern tip of the Island, Vancouver Island Trail passes through many traditional territories of Indigenous Peoples, showcasing spectacular West Coast landscape, Indigenous culture and island communities. 


Participants at the 2014 Trails Network Conference hike a section of the Vancouver Island Trail near Cumberland.

You can hike the entire length in 2-3 months, but most tend to enjoy a day hike here or a weekend there, from numerous access points right outside your back door.  

We believe everything is connected, so users who hike, bike or run the Trail will be immersed in an ecosystem where the land, air, water and communities are woven together. 

Vancouver Island Trail has been the dream of many and has become a reality due to the dedication and hard work of volunteers, Board Members and partners from government, private sector and Indigenous Peoples. 

The development and maintenance of the Trail is managed by the Vancouver Island Trail Association (VITA) and runs lean with no paid employees.  In 2020, 93% of funding was spent on trail building alone. When completed, Vancouver Island Trail will be one of the longest trails in British Columbia at 800 KMs.

See VITA’s Vision and Mission Statement