A 2020 Through-hike of the Vancouver Island Trail

A couple going by their trail names of Constantine and Magpie hiked from Victoria to Cape Scott in late summer of 2020. 

They are very experienced long-distance trail hikers having completed the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Natchez Trace Trail, Ice Age Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail, Arizona Trail, Oregon Coast Trail, Pinhoti Trail, Sea to Sky Trail and earlier this summer, the Great Divide Trail. After completing the GDT in early August, they heard about the Vancouver Island Trail and said – why not?  let’s go.  The pdf file below is an account of their adventure:

The Vancouver Island Trail by Constantine & Magpie


As you will see in their account, in spite of the difficulties encountered, both with navigation and with the difficulties of the terrain augmented by a ‘young’ trail not yet well beaten into the ground, they were impressed by the diversity of Vancouver Island landscapes and foresee a time when the VIT will be traversed by many hikers.

November 11, 2020