2012 Summer Trail Building – Maps! – Join Us!

tuck lake trail building

In July and August 2012 we will be flagging and then brushing an important link in the VI Spine Trail: the Tuck Lake Hiking Trail.


VISTA is also looking for people to join our trail building crews for July and August weekend brushing days. You do not have to commit to both days in a weekend. We will be car-pooling, so if you have a car, let us know. We will also be camping, so bring a tent! Food will be provided. If you are interested, please contact Charles at vispinewebsite [at] gmail.com.

Dates: Saturdays/Sundays as follows – July 21-22, July 28-29, August 11-12, August 18-19


The Tuck Lake Trail will start (or end!) at Nitinat Road, 3 km west of Cowichan Lake. From there, it will ford the Nitinat River, climb over Parker Ridge and Boundary (Nadira) Pass, cross the Little Nitinat River and end at Francis Lake. Tuck Lake Trail is 21 Km long and rises to an elevation of 238 m at Parker Ridge and 428 m at Boundary Pass.


West: Francis Lake: which is the eastern terminus of the 20km ‘Runners Trail’, constructed by the Tseshaht First Nation in 2010, connecting to Headquarters Bay and Alberni Inlet trails.

East: Nitinat Road: there the Trail will connect to a planned Trail section that will run along the ridge tops of the mountains to the south of Cowichan Lake.


VISTA is seeking support for this trail building project. If you would like to donate funds or equipement, please contact Andrew at vispineseries [at] gmail.com

Where is it?

Click on the thumbnails below to see Google Earth images of the trailing building location.