‘Namgis section

New logoThe ‘Namgis section of the Vancouver Island Trail is named in recognition of the ‘Namgis First Nation whose traditional territory is traversed by this section of the route.  It links the Englewood Rail Trail  to the community of Port McNeill.

The route leaves the Englewood rail grade near the Tsulton River and follows some old, inactive logging roads around Sua and Theimer Lakes.  Currently, the hiker needs to bush-wack across a couple of short sections between roads (200-metre sections; trails should be cleared by end 2018), ending up at a crossing of Highway 19.  Another short bush-wack leads to old, grown-in logging road that takes the hiker to Kilpala Main and the logging road bridge over the Nimpkish River as it flows out of Nimpkish (‘Namgis) Lake.

From the Nimpkish River to Port McNeill, the route again follows a combination of logging roads (mostly old and grown-in) and mountain bike trail known as the “Bear Hill Trail”, and ultimately along East Main into Port McNeill.