Big Read: locked out of the woods

3 Responses to “Locked-out-of-the-Woods

  • Jim Guthrie
    10 months ago

    Hi Terry
    Don’t have your email, thought I’d try this way
    I have a desire to hike the VIT next summer, starting S end, skipping Gal. Goose, to see how far I can get. Is it likely any of the gaps will be connected by summer 2019? 3 of us did WCT in July, (7 days) and 8 of us did NCT in Aug(6 days)
    Jim Guthrie

    • Terry Lewis
      5 months ago

      Jim, I e-mailed you some time ago but am wondering if you got it. If not, drop me a line a vi-trail@lewis.bc.ca and I’ll get back to you.


  • Terry Lewis
    1 year ago

    In spite of the rather alarmist title, this is quite a well-balanced article on access to private forest lands. VISTA is currently negotiating access agreements, with some success, most notably with TimberWest.

    Unfortunately, Karly did not recognize the recent name change from VI Spine Trail to Vancouver Island Trail

    The VISTA Board decided to drop ‘Spine’ from the name because for some it suggested a difficult, mountainous, high-elevation trail rather than the low to moderately high-elevation trail suited to the ‘average’ hiker, that is a trail not requiring technical, mountain climbing skills unless of course one purposefully decides on a trip during winter conditions.